Consumer Profile and Part B Application

Consumer Profile and Part B Application Form

Please note: Not all licensed interpreters and CART Reporters work with NDHHS. 
 If you have a preferred interpreter who isn’t on this list, please encourage that person to work with us.

For questions regarding Part-B, please see our Part-B FAQ or contact our Referral Department.
For a list of New Hampshire Licensed Interpreters (with pictures) see page 6 of this link.

Your Information...

General Preferences...

I would like to be eligible for Part B requests. (weddings, baby showers, funerals, other community activities)
I would like my Interpreter/CART Reporter to arrive 15 minutes early.
I would like to receive a confirmation email when you have scheduled an Interpreter/CART Reporter for my appointment(s). (The email will include the Interpreter/CART Reporter’s name and location of appointment.)
A) You can send any other Interpreter/CART Reporter except from my Do Not Hire list. Please email me their name.
B) Email me. I will call the doctor/employer/etc. and reschedule my appointment.

Interpreter Preferences...

I'd rather meet with a Referral Specialist to set up my preferred Interpreter/CART provider list.
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