Information for Interpreters

Information for Interpreters/C.A.R.T. Reporters 
Interested in Working with NDHHS 

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Thank you for your interest in adding your name to the list of wonderful vendors already working with Northeast Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services, Inc. (NDHHS). We appreciate your desire to work with us. Please view our Vendor Policy Manual as an introduction to our processes for working with vendors. Be sure to review the manual entirely and save it for your files.

  • Before we can contact you for any freelance work we will need some information from you. We would be happy to review all requirements with you over the phone, via email or in person. Please contact the Interpreter/CART Referral Department and we will send you a packet of information. The requirements include: 
      1. A completed vendor profile form 
      2. An acknowledgement of having received/read the Vendor Policy Manual
      3. A completed W-9, 
      4. A copy of your current certification/classification, and 
      5. A copy of your New Hampshire interpreter license (for sign language interpreters).
  • We also require a Criminal Record Release Authorization form to be filled out and sent to the Central Repository for Criminal Records. Please understand that there is a $25 fee due and you are responsible to pay that fee for the criminal records request.
  • Interpreters and CART reporters are also required to carry liability insurance. Please contact your insurance carrier to request a certificate of insurance and ask them to send it to NDHHS.
  • If you would like us to refer medical requests to you we ask for two additional pieces of information. We require proof of a physical examination within the last 12 months – usually a letter from your healthcare provider - including a tuberculosis test.  
  • We will contact you to set up an informal interview once we receive your paperwork. This allows the Referral Department to explain the policies and procedures in depth, as well as get to know you better. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns (603-224-1850 x250 or  

We look forward to working with you!

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