General Information FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers 
for New Hampshire Residents

1. Hearing aids are expensive! Where do I find financial assistance to purchase them?

Unfortunately, hearing aids are very expensive. However, there are a few different options that may help.
  1. If you're working, or currently looking for work, New Hampshire's Vocational Rehabilitation may be able to help provide hearing aids. 
  2. Your local Lion's Club may be able to provide financial assistance, or help procure refurbished hearing aids, through the Lions Sight & Hearing Foundation. You can visit the New Hampshire Lion's Club general website for your local club's contact information. If you'd prefer to call, the number for Concord is 603-224-2517 and Manchester is 603-626-5372.
  3. While those are the two most common avenues for financial aid, we also maintain a more comprehensive list that you can access here. If you come across any other financial aid options, find errors on this document please let us know or can't access the document, please email us at

2. Where can I take ASL classes in, or near, New Hampshire?

  1. If you're looking for ASL classes for a child either aged 0-3 or school-aged, then you may be a candidate for our Family Sign Language Program.
  2. NDHHS will also run basic ASL introduction classes if demand allows it. If we will be offering a course soon, more information will be linked here.
  3. We also try to maintain a full listing of in-state ASL classes along with some nearby and online resources.Click herefor a copy of our current resource list. As always, your feedback and assistance in helping us keep this resource up-to-date is crucial.

3. I'm having trouble using the phone! What options are there for New Hampshire residents?

There are a variety of options available. Amplified phones or captioned phones are two of the most common options. The New Hampshire Telecommunications Equipment Assistance Program, or NH-TEAP, can assist you in choosing the phone that works for you. Of course, feel free to email our NH-TEAP coordinator directly at

For more information on captioned phones in particular, we suggest visiting or  If you are an ASL user looking for a video phone, we suggest visiting

4. Where do I purchase assistive technology and is there financial help to pay for it?

While you're welcome to see some of the equipment we have on display such as pocket talkers, we don't actually sell equipment here. We recommend Harris Communications for purchasing assistive technology. 

For financial assistance, the Harry Gregg Foundation is a great resource. If you rent from a landlord, they are responsible for providing the necessary signalers/adaptations related to emergency equipment like smoke detectors.

For fire alarms, you can also contact the American Red Cross for a free smoke alarm installation. In-Home Smoke Alarm Installation Request

5. Do you have equipment we can borrow in a pinch or test before we buy?

Yes! We have an equipment loan program that includes pocket talkers, baby criers/signalers, FM systems and more. 

6. Where can a Hard of Hearing or Late Deafened person learn about new technology and share experiences?

Our office is proud to host a bi-monthly Hard of Hearing Group meeting. Visit our Events section for updates or contact for more information.

A great online resource is the Hearing Loss Association of American website

7. Where can I find mental health services specifically for Deaf or Hard of Hearing individuals?

We generally recommend Greater Nashua Mental Health Center's Deaf Services division.  If you find this is not the right fit for you, please contact our front desk and we may be able to make additional referrals.

8. Where does a Deaf or Hard of Hearing individual receive help finding a job?

New Hampshire Vocational Rehabilitation provides excellent services for all New Hampshire residents including Deaf and Hard of Hearing community members.

9. Does NDHHS have an audiologist on staff, perform hearing tests or sell hearing aids?

We don't provide these services at our organization. However, we do recommend finding a qualified audiologist for hearing aid tests and fittings. provides a great hearing aid checklist here. For a list of offices that accept Medicaid, click here.

10. We're in need of a variety of different services and we don't know where to start. What do we do?

Sometimes one resource or referral isn't enough to get a clear picture of what services a person needs or qualifies for. We may request that you submit an intake form to help us get a better idea of how we can help you. We will review your form and may ask for a meeting to evaluate your needs. Intake forms can be sent to our front desk by mail or via email at
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