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Listening Devices Loan Program

NDHHS has the following equipment available for temporary loan. Most of these items can be borrowed without a fee. Please contact us for more information and a list of items that are available.

Assistive Listening Devices:

  • TTYs
  • Large Display TTYs
  • Hotel Kits
  • Media: Books, videotapes, articles, and computer software can also be borrowed from our library of resource materials.

Standard Fee $250.00 (Each additional day $25.00)
Non-profit Organizations $125.00 (Each additional day $15.00)

Hotel Kit Rental Fees

We also have an FM system available for large gatherings and kits to be used by hotels for Deaf or Hard-of-Hearing guests. The Hotel Kit is available for $25 per night with an additional fee for delivery if applicable.

Equipment For Loan

• 2-Simplicity Doorbell/Phone Signaller by Ultratec
• 2-Simplicity Sound Signaler by Ultratec
• 2-Simplicity Remote Receiver by Ultratec
• 2-Phone Amplifier by Ameriphone
• 2-Smoke alarm signaller by Gentex
• 2-Shake awake alarm clock
• Minicom IV TTY by Ultratec/Lrg. Print Display adaptable
• Superprint 4425 TTY by Ultratec
• 6-Pocketalker Pro by Williams Sound
• Minicom IV TTY by Ultratec
• Superprint 4425 TTY by Ultratec
• Superprint PRO80 LVD TTY by Ultratec
• Voice Tester Viking Demo
• 2-Door knock lights/Doorbeacon
• Voice Carry Over Phone
• VCO LVD (lrg. Print) Screen for TTY
• Boom clock
• Baby Cryer-Signaler
• Baby Cryer-Receiver
• Hatis Coil
• TeleTalker - amplified phone, large button